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Confederation of European Baseball

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Suma Open – PONY League Tournament concluded in Prague

A total of 42 teams from 12 European countries participated in the PONY League European Zone Qualifier in baseball categories Colt (U16) and Pony (U14) as well as girls’ softball category Colt (U16). After four days of exciting games and dramatic moments the Czech Baseball Academy teams won both baseball categories. The trophy for the winning softball team went to Italy due to a win of Friul 81 team.

The Czech Baseball Academy won the Colt age group (U16) where they beat Israel team 17-1. Also the Czech Baseball Academy succeed in the Pony age group (U14) against the London Mets 23-2. Czech Academies won due to a deep bullpen. A lack of pitching for their opponents was the main reason for the high scoring games in the finals. The girls softball final was more dramatic, with the Italian girls winning the game against Vilnius BC (Lithuania) 6-3.

Final standings:

Baseball, Colt category (U16)
  1.    Czech Academy (CZE)
  2.    Israel (ISR)
  3.    Czech Rep. U15 (CZE)
  4.    London Mets (GBR)
  5.    Vilnius BC (LTU)
  6.    Belgium Academy North (BEL)
  7.    Austria (AUT)
  8.    Tempo Titans Praha (CZE)
  9.    Brest Zubrs (BLR)
  10.    Balashiha (RUS)
  11.    El Llano BC (ESP)
  12.    Angels Trnava (SVK)
  13.    Eagles Praha (CZE)
  14.    Rabbits (SLO)
  15.    North Stars (RUS)

Baseball, Pony category (U14)
  1.    Czech Academy (CZE)
  2.    London Mets (GBR)
  3.    Belgium Academy North (BEL)
  4.    SK Kotlářka Praha (CZE)
  5.    Brest Zubrs (BLR)
  6.    Kaunas baseball (LTU)
  7.    Balashiha (RUS)
  8.    Vilnius BC (LTU)
  9.    Srbia (SRB)
  10.    Hroši Brno (CZE)
  11.    Ježica (SLO)
  12.    Eagles Praha (CZE)
  13.    Stuttgart Reds (GER)
  14.    Tempo Titans Praha (CZE)

Softball, girls, Colt category (U16):
  1.    Friul 81 (ITA)
  2.    Vilnius BC (LTU)
  3.    Future Prague (CZE)
  4.    Eagles Praha (CZE)
  5.    Moskovia (RUS)
  6.    Calita 1 (RUS)
  7.    Arena (SRB)
  8.    Wild Cats (SRB)
  9.    Stuttgart Select (GER)
  10.    SK Trnava Panthers (SVK)
  11.    SK Joudrs Praha (CZE)
  12.    Calita 2 (RUS)
  13.    Marino (RUS)

The individual awards winners:

Pony (U14)
Best hitter     Michal Kotačka (Czech Academy, CZE)
Best pitcher     Drew Janssen (Belgium Academy, BEL)
MVP         Daniel Padyšák (Czech Academy, CZE)

Colt (U16)
Best hitter     Johnny Fretheim (London Mets, GBR)
Best pitcher     Jan Nebenführ (Czech Academy, CZE)
MVP         Filip Smola (Czech Academy, CZE)

Colt (U16) girls softball
Best hitter     Selena Tanasijevič (Wild Cats, SRB)
Best pitcher     Elisa Plusigh (Friul 81, ITL)
MVP         Kristýna Bohunická (Trnava Panthers, SVK)

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