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Confederation of European Baseball

Short History / Achievements

1953: foundation of the „Fédération Européenne de Baseball“ (F.E.B.) with five members (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy & Spain)

1954: 1st Senior European Championship played

1963: 1st European Cup played

1967: Netherlands and Italy withdraw their membership

1968: Reunion of all European Federations in F.E.B.

1972: F.E.B. changes name in “Confederation Européenne de Baseball Amateur” (C.E.B.A.)

1974: 1st Junior European Championship played

1975: 1st Cadet European Championship played

1990: 18 member countries, appr. 80.000 players

1992: 1st Juvenile European Championship played

1992: Baseball becomes official sport in the Olympic Games in Barcelona; 25 member countries

1994: C.E.B.A. changes name to “Confederation Européenne de Baseball” (C.E.B.)

2004: approval of new Statutes

2008: 37 member countries, over 150.000 players