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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 |13:52 |Age: 2 yrs

IBAF Management System


As of April 2nd, the new "IBAF Management System”, which was presented at the Dallas Congress last December, is fully operational.
All NFs received their own username and password to gain access to this system and are now able to
1) add, correct and update the information on their own NF that is already present in the system;
2) enter all data about their NF and its executive staff;
3) register their National Team to the IBAF tournaments (by directly entering the roster); and 4) arrange for the payments of membership fees or other fees payable to the IBAF.
Unfortunately only a few federations have yet made use of it. This is not a good representation of Europe in the baseball world.
The IBAF Management System opens and simplifies the communication between IBAF and the National federations. It will provide a more efficient response from IBAF in its duties and service to all of the National Federations. But to get this started IBAF needs your cooperation in entering your data and keeping it updated!
That’s why I kindly ask you to check out the IBAF Management System. It can be reached through the link The user manual is attached. If you have some questions or need some help you can contact Rhena at the office ( at any time. In case you have not received your login information please contact
Thank you very much for your cooperation!