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Friday, February 26, 2010 |15:02 |Age: 4 yrs

CEB introduces the IBAF Extra Inning rule in 2010


The updated C.E.B Competition Rules are published today on the website.
The most important changes are:
C.E.B introduces the IBAF extra inning rule in 2010
C.E.B will apply the extra inning rule when the game is tied at the end of the 9th inning.
C.E.B introduces the “TQB” tie breaking system in 2010
C.E.B updated the tie breaking system. If in Championship and Cup tournaments teams are tied in ranking the Team Quality Balance (TQB) will be applied. Up to now the tie-breaker calculation was based on the runs allowed. The TQB calculation is based on the runs scored less the runs allowed.
C.E.B introduces the Insurance Form declaration in 2010
In C.E.B competitions it’s compulsory to deliver a signed Insurance form in which it is confirmed that the players and officials of the participating team are covered under a full insurance policy.
Besides some small textual improvements following updates were made:
Page 1:
Added : Valid 1st January 2010
Changed: Championships Junior 21U into Championship 21 years and under
Page 4:
Added: If Organizers decide to play at two or more locations the transport between those facilities and the hotels are to be provided and for account of the Organizers irrespective of the distance.
Page 6:
Added: The CEB Insurance form should be, undersigned by the participating Club or Federation delivered together with the FTR at the Technical meeting the day before the start of the tournament. Failing of delivering of this Insurance document will cause removal of the team from the event.
Page 8:
Added: As a rule Umpires must ware dark blue shirts in the games.
Changed: 24 hours into two weeks
Changed: to the C.E.B. Secretary General into to the Chairman of C.E.B. Technical Commission.
Page 9:
Added: To publish the game in Play-by-Play on the CEB website the Technical Commission will nominate International Data-entry Scorer(s) which are part of the scorer group within the competition.
Page 10:
Changed: 20 into 24 - For official C.E.B. Club competitions: 40 players, from which 24 will be allowed to participate in the competition.
Page 11:
Changed: “Three copies FTR” into The final team roster (FTR).
Page 15:
Removed: the end of the phase in which.
Changed: For all European Cups, Cup Qualifiers and all National team Qualifiers:
First place Team: Trophy
Leading hitter with the highest batting average Individual Award
Pitcher with the best earned run average Individual Award
Most valuable player (MVP) Individual Award
Page 19:
Changed: Tie rule from “runs allowed” system to the “TQB” system.
Page 24:
Changed: Run difference rule 20 runs into 15.
Added: for Cadets & Juveniles 4th inning - 15 runs
Page 26:
Added: Extra Inning rule similar to the IBAF rule
Page 29 Art. 12a4:
Changed: Guarantee fees into Guarantee fee will only be collected when there is doubt about the participation of the team.
Page 37:
Cancelled: The rest day after the preliminary.
Page 46:
Added: Alternate determination of Champion
With kind regards,
Jan Esselman
Chairman Technical Commission