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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 |13:10 |Age: 7 yrs

International tournament in Pavilion Z, Brno

By: Lucie Vladyková

The tournament in Pavilion Z, Brno, Czech Republic, which is called “Z-tko”, was held for the seventh time this year on November 20th-22nd, 2006. It can be proudly named “the biggest indoor baseball tournament in Europe”. This year the rightness of this title was supported by a participation of 20 teams playing in the main weekend competition and 6 teams from elementary schools, which played on Friday. Already before the start of the tournament it was sure that it will be of high quality, as the best Czech and Slovak teams had applied. The spectators had an opportunity to see 52 matches!
The final standing was following:
1 Olympia Blansko (CZE)
2 Draci Brno (CZE)
3 Krč Altron Praha (CZE)
4 Technika Brno (CZE)
5 Pelicans Bučovice (CZE)
6 Pipas Brno (CZE)
7 Kotlářka Praha I. (CZE)
8 Angels Trnava I. (SVK)
9 Arrows Ostrava (CZE)
10 Seals Košice I. (SVK)
11 Hroši Brno (CZE)
12 Kotlářka Praha II. (CZE)
13 Skokani Olomouc (CZE)
14 Apollo Bratislava (SVK)
15 Orlice Choceň (CZE)
16 Seals Košice II. (SVK)
17 Technika D (CZE)
18 Angels Trnava II. (SVK)
19 Soft Brno (CZE)
20 Toucans Havířov (CZE)